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A prenatal visit with your doula takes place in the client's home, or virtually if perviously discussed, to provide an opportunity for the client and doula to better get to know one another; go over lactation and postpartum expectations; and create a mutual understanding of how I can provide the most assistance during the postpartum stage. Although prenatals are shorter than the postpartum shifts, they are not insignificant. My goal for my clients is to go into every part of the postpartum period with as few misunderstandings and surprises as possible. This type of visit is one way to achieve this. 


As a Certified Postpartum Doula, I specialize in supporting families as a whole, including the parent(s), sibling(s), and baby/babies. This is achieved through hands on lactation education, referrals, baby-care, light cooking, light cleaning, errands, and perinatal mental health screening. Postpartum is one of the most special yet transitional times in a birthing person's life, and I would love to be there to help create a safe, non-biased, and accepting environment for everyone. 

Lactation Support 

Under the scope of a Lactation Education Counselor, I provide basic lactation education by observing and correcting latch, breastfeeding/chestfeeding pain, nipple damage, and baby positioning. In addition, my role is to educate on the benefits of breastmilk feeding and the difference between/effects of non-human milk (formula). When complicated issues or advanced support is needed, I have a list of referrals I happily give to my clients, including IBCLCs (many take insurance!), Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, and Pediatric Dentists. 

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