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I can't say enough good things about our postpartum doula, Clarissa!! She was like a guardian angel during those early days of new motherhood with our little boy. We owe her a huge debt of gratitude. Even before I had my son she met with us a few times, going over things such as swaddling and creating breastfeeding stations around the house. When we first brought our son home from the hospital, Clarissa met us around midnight when we got home. Her calm, friendly, and professional demeanor instantly put us at ease. She felt like family right from the start. One of the things that really stood out was her help with breastfeeding. As a first-time mom, I had SO many questions about it! It was so helpful having someone right there physically showing you what to do or what's not working. A true breastfeeding pro. She patiently taught us all the tricks, from proper positioning to latching, and even how to manage my milk supply. Without her, I honestly don't know how I would've managed. She also gave my partner some much-needed guidance too, which made us both feel more confident as new parents. A major highlight was when she guided us through our baby's first bath. She took pictures and vidoes of us with our phones and captured the whole experience!! Such sweet memories and I've been so happy to have these videos to look back on. She always encouraged me to rest, and took wonderful care of our baby while I attempted to. It was amazing. What makes Clarissa so special is her down-to-earth, friendly, and caring personality. She wasn't just a professional; she was a friend who genuinely cared. We felt supported and cherished during a time that can be overwhelming.
We can't recommend Clarissa enough. She went above and beyond to make the postpartum period a positive and memorable experience for us. If you're a new parent, she's the one you want by your side. Clarissa deserves all the success and recognition coming her way. Thank you, Clarissa, for being our guiding light during this incredible journey into parenthood!

Brianne B.

Supported from February 2022 - March 2022

Absolutely incredible!! Super knowledgeable in her field and incredibly professional. I was immediately comfortable with her and trusted that my newborn was in great hands. She taught me skills and coping mechanisms to get me through that transition of pregnancy to motherhood with relative ease. I highly recommend Clarissa for your postpartum doula needs. She taught me the confidence I severely lacked (and got my baby to sleep through the night). Thank you Clarissa!

Ashley C.

Supported baby #1 January - March 2020, baby #2 March - April 2022

Clarissa was there for my husband and I the night we came home from the hospital with our son. I can't tell you how comforting it was to have her support from day one. She taught us how to soothe him, swaddle him, got him to sleep through the night, helped me tackle the hurdle of breastfeeding when I wanted to give up and supported the whirlwind of postpartum emotions. She taught both myself and my husband so many tips. Newborns need so much care and I don't know how we could have done this without Clarissa - we even extended her time with us because she has been so essential to us. We are sad to see her move on to her next family, but feel confident as new parents, thanks to her!

Sara P.

Supported August - November 2022

Clarissa is Incredible. Even before the baby was born she helped set up my postpartum station and the baby’s nursery. When I delivered, she came to the hospital to help me with hand expression. My son was in the NICU so the first night we got home my husband and I were overwhelmed with a new baby who was so fragile, and she was there to ease the transition. We were so nervous about him overnight and having an expert set of eyes and hands helped ease our minds.

She was amazing with my son and I knew she loved him and that he was safe in her care. She helped keep the house clean, made sure my pump parts were clean and sterilized, taught my husband and I the ins and outs of storing milk, and most importantly, took over the night shift for us so we could get some much needed sleep. Having her help us allowed me to have time to myself to shower, do my hair, and clear my head. She’s so patient. We spent an entire day practicing my latch until I felt comfortable. She’s knowledgeable and helps create a routine that works for you and your family. She doesn’t make you feel ridiculous for not knowing something.

I can text her with a random question at 2am and she’ll answer quickly. She taught me different holds to get my newborn to relax and fall asleep. I recommend her to any expecting parents I come across, because she’s that incredible. I don’t know how we would have survived the newborn stage without her. I will use her for all future additions to my family.

Brandi J.

Supported baby #1 August - November 2022, baby #2 April - June 2024

My husband and I hired Clarissa as a postpartum doula for 10 weeks, and we are so grateful we did! We don't know what we would have done without her - and both agree hiring her is the best money we've ever spent. Every night when she arrived we had so much relief knowing we had her help overnight but also were able to talk through whatever new things came our way that day. She takes her job so seriously and has a wealth of knowledge that was honestly the most valuable part to us - especially around baby sleep and breastfeeding.

I also love Clarissa's dedication to continuing her education - she was always sharing new learnings from doula events / online groups, etc. And whenever something was outside her scope she had a bank of specialists to recommend (IBCLC lactation consultants, etc).

Personality-wise - Clarissa is 1) super reliable - always on time, 2) warm - always showed up with a smile on her face, 3) confident - which gave us confidence when we didn't know what we were doing, and 4) completely non-judgmental - gave us advice on our questions but always encouraged us to make decisions that felt right to us.

She will be one of the first people I call whenever I get pregnant with baby #2.

Chrissy Thompson

Supported from April - July 2023

Clarissa was invaluable to us as not only someone to help us care for our most precious new family member, but also as an incredible resource for establishing healthy habits and a routine with our newborn. I had a C-section and it gave me great peace of mind to know that Clarissa would make sure my baby's needs were met during the night so I could rest and recover. Having someone who you trust and are comfortable with in this role is paramount and I felt at ease with Clarissa from the start.Clarissa taught us (first time, exhausted new parents) baby basics, like swaddling and diapering, to more complex skills, like pumping and body feeding. She is passionate about newborn care and extremely knowledgeable. Having Clarissa for the first 6 weeks of our newborn's life helped us get into a schedule and have the knowledge to get us off on the right foot, and any family would be lucky to have her in those early days following the birth of a little one.

Margaret G.

Supported from July - August 2023

This past year, we were delighted to welcome our first grandchild into our family.  Clarissa was a godsend.  I can't emphasize enough what a tremendous and talented doula that she is with so much knowledge.  She met with my daughter and her wife in advance and helped them prepare the nursery and answered any questions they had regarding feeding the baby, sleeping schedules, and what to expect before, during and after delivery.  

After the birth, she provided so much additional support.  She went to the hospital a couple of days to assist with breastfeeding and to check on the mothers.  She met them at home and stayed with them throughout the evenings to provide help throughout the night.  It was especially helpful because our daughter-in-law was recovering from a c-section.  Clarissa was one of the best gifts that we could have given our grandson and our daughters!  She is the best!

Shawneen R.

Supported January 2024

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